Alabama State USBC

President's Award Nomination


2. Nominee must be a current member of USBC and an active member of a USBC league and bowled at least 75% of the games scheduled in the current season.

3. Nominee must be enrolled as a High School junior up through college until the age 20 (a/o Aug 1). College bowlers can participate in adult leagues and tournaments.

4. Nominee must not have been suspended from USBC/YABA activities during the past three years for any reason.

5. Nominee must have an outstanding record of bowling achievements in the past or current season.

6. Nominee must have maintained a good scholastic record. Scholastic information should be obtained from the nominee on a voluntary basis.

7. Nominations may be made to the local Alabama USBC Association by coaches or instructors or any interested person who knows a deserving young male or female bowler.

8. Nominations must reach the AUSBCA Association Manager no later than DECEMBER 1st to be considered for that bowling year’s award.

9. Each Association may submit two male and two female nominees each year.

10. Every effort should be made to keep each application as free from names, places, organizations, etc, to allow the committee to select the best candidate without prejudice.

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